Whether its a logo, a website, or anything in between, I (Ithira Design) work to provide quality design to suit the client’s needs and exceed their expectations. I equally strive to produce visually pleasing works and educate my customers in the usage and application of design to ensure they get the most out of what they paid. Design is my passion, but so is helping out my fellow man. I hope that you like my work. If you do, feel free to contact me via phone or email, and we can get started on your next project!

PHONE : 562) 895-3131
EMAIL : Rithiratana@gmail.com


When it comes to design, anything is possible. My goal is to provide a creative solution for your design needs. Here is a list of services that can provide :


  • Conceptualize and Design assets for Company Branding (ie. Logos, Business cards, Stationary)
  • Design customized business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures, programs, invitations, and other print materials.
  • Design and Build user-friendly Websites for local businesses.
  • Design and Develop Frontend and User Interface for Web Applications and Custom Software, using CSS and HTML.
  • Design Web Banners for Client Company Marketing.
  • Structure Navigation of iPhone, iPad, and Game Applications.
  • Designed graphics and user interface for iPhone, iPad, and Game Applications.
  • Manipulate images and vectors for usage in graphic works and other media.
  • Prepare images, assets, and vector graphics for print and production.
  • Design and prepare custom graphics for product usage (ie. mugs, t-shirts, hats).


  • Design custom graphics for garment printing and silkscreening.
  • Manipulate images and vectors for garment printing and silkscreening.
  • Print custom t-shirts and other garments, using a direct to garment printer.
  • Create custom designed accessories for garments and costuming.
  • Embellish garments, accessories, and costumes using Rhinestones and Studs.
  • Costume and Garment Alterations and Repair.

Pricing depends on the complexity and time needed to complete the project.* To get a quote, please send a detailed description of the work involved to my email : Rithiratana@gmail.com

*A 30% deposit fee is required at the time of hire and is non-refundable.